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Well, the season is over, and now it’s time for the Official Consolesports.net APF 2K8 League Year One All Pro Team Awards.

First, we’ll start with the Quarterbacks..

1.  Ken Stabler, San Francisco Sharks
144 for 235,  61%, 2846 Yards, 32 TDs, 10 Int
It was a big year for The Snake.  He led the league in passer rating and completion percentage.  He also led Mr. Impeccable’s San Fran Sharks to a league-leading 14 wins.

2.  Dan Marino, Oakland Renegades
184 for 316,  58% 3334 yards, 34 TDs, 15 ints
He finally won a Championship, and tallied some impressive stats during the regular season.  Marino carried the offense on his shoulders after Okoye went down with a broken leg, and Oakland never looked back. Besides his regular season accomplishments, Marino threw for 515 yards and 5 TDs in CS.net Super Bowl I, earning him unanimous MVP honors.

3.  Joe Montana, Waco Rustlers
185 for 343, 53% 3827, 34 TDs, 19 Ints.
Montana posted incredible passing numbers in every category except completion percentage.  This was no doubt caused by his two meetings with the Oakland Renegades secondary that would haunt Montana in 3 chilling losses.  However, Montana’s magic helped produce the league’s number one receiver, and he carried coach CrimsonVoodoo’s squad into the playoffs.

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It was a game for the ages.

BMac's Dallas Desperados against Quietcool's Oakland Renegades...

BMac's stars led by Elway, Campbell, Marino, Renfro, Novacek...
QC's Renegades led by Dan Marino, Cliff Branch, Eric Green, Gregg Lloyd, Tatum, Lester Hayes, and Willie Brown.

The matchup did not dissappoint.

BMac's Mel Renfro took the opening kickoff back for TD.  Afterwards, Marino and company couldn't get a first down, however an incredible punt gave the Desperados the ball on their own 3.  A strange safety would follow on a botched attempt at a screen pass to Earl Cambell.

The Desperado's dominated the first half- led by a pick-six thrown by Dan Marino to Desperado's CB Mel Renfro, who accounted for 14 of the Desperado's 24 points in the first half.  Meanwhile, the Renegades struggled to find any kind of rhythm- a common theme since the Christian Okoye season ending injury.

The score at the half

Dallas Desperados: 24
Oakland Renegades:   9

The third quarter started with a sudden surge of offense from the Renegades passing game. The Renegades would score 15 unanswered points with two connections from Marino to Branch.  One for  49 yards, the other for 74 yards.. followed by a 2 point conversion pass to Eric Green.

The score was deadlocked at 24 at the start of the fourth.  Bmac's Desperados decided to stop testing the dangerous Renegade secondary, and instead run plays designed to spring Earl Campbell.   The strategy worked.  Campbell broke a 68 yard TD to put Dallas up 7.

However, Marino was determined to fight back.  On 3rd and 10 from his own 32, Marino found a wide-open Eric Green who scampered 67 yards for a TD.

Tied Ballgame...

However, it didn't take long for BMac to answer back. Campbell broke a 3rd and 2 for a 53 yard TD, giving Dallas a 7 point lead with a mere 3 minutes left in the game.

But Marino wasn't going down without a fight.  Dan orchestrated a 4 play 67 yard drive that culminated in another Eric Green TD from 29 yards out.

Tied ballgame with 1:01 on the clock. BMac and Elway's next drive would fizzle out at their own 46. 

This game was heading into overtime, 38 to 38

At this point, coach QC72 could be heard telling his players, "If we win the toss, Marino is hot, and we are NOT playing conservative when we get that ball.  Dan, this is YOUR time."

The Renegades DID win the toss... and what followed was a six play victory march by one of the game's great QBs, who would not be denied a Super Bowl trophy.  A 20 yard pass to Eric Green, followed by a 15 yard screen to replacement tailback Johnathan Pittman... followed by a 15 yard pass to Eric Green. 

The Renegades advanced the ball to the Dallas 4 yard line, where kicker Derrick Barrow would cement Quietcool72's Oakland Renegades into Consolesports.net Super Bowl lore.

It was a game for the ages that was dominated by the greates pure passer of all time.  Marino finished the game with 515 yards passing, 5 TDs, 2 Ints, and collected the Super Bowl MVP.  

Dallas Desperados: 38
Oakland Renegades: 41

Well played, BMac.  One helluva battle. 



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ImageESPN NFL 2K5 fans rejoice, the game is now backwards compatible on the XBOX 360!  That's right, in the latest B/C updates that Microsoft has released, NFL 2K5 was on that list.  Don't believe me? Pop in that copy of NFL 2K5 that you have been holding onto specifically for this day to come.  While this is good news, there is a catch.  All of the roster files that have been done by guys like Capa and NFL2K5 can't be transfered over to your 360 unless you have a Datel XPORT device.  Which means that the Xchange 360 memory card device won't work with those saves. Small price to pay, but I guess if you are that big of a fan of NFL 2K5, then you will invest the $50 for the XPORT and pick up right where you left off.  ;)
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 A few weeks ago, I found a fan-made All Pro Football 2K8 highlight video on YouTube by mezy456 that really caught my eye.  It was a tribute to the old Raiders in APF 2K8 called "The Autumn Wind".  I loved it's slow-mo highlights from the game, and its fine use of NFL films and the legendary voice of the late John Facenda, as well as its overall quality.  After I posted a link to it in our forums, Consolesports.net was fortunate enough to have the author, mezy456, stop by and post in our forums.  Since then, he's led us to several of his high-quality videos that are damn awesome. 

Here's two of his vids from APF 2K8.  Here's "The Autumn Wind" and "Glory Day In Green Bay". Mezy456 also has some awesome NBA 2K8 videos out there that we'll be featuring next week here on the front page.  Be sure to check these out, as well as his other fine in-game video movies on YouTube.  I think you'll agree, Mezy456 has some serious editing and video production talent.  We are definitely going to keep an eye on all of Mezy's fine work, and look forward to helping bring it to the gamer community's attention. 

Simply put, this is good stuff.  I often don't see this level of quality from even the large marketing departments that the game publishers use.  Sit back and enjoy.







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 Greetings all. We are up and running. You know what to do... go get your game on. As for the rules, here they are.

Okay, you'll find I'm pretty easy to get along with, but lets cover the basics.

Flea Flicker is a no-no
For one, the flea flicker is broken in APF2K8...it works damn near every time and everyone on the AI buys it... that said...its not to be used. You are better served removing it from your playbooks altogether so no accidents happen.

Going for it on 4th down...
Try to limit it to the other side of the 50 (i.e. opponents territory) and keep it realistic. (no, the 2007 Patriots are not a guage for realism. Their coach is an a$$hole with a social disorder and their jeans model quarterback is a stat padding d*ckhead. There. I said it.) Also try to limit 4th down "go fors" to realistic situations where pro teams would go for it.

Running up scores...
Don't do it. I'm not going to play nanny about this issue, but if you are smoking someone with sweeps with Gayle Sayers and you are up by 3 or more TDs, then run up the middle and use clock. Use your head and be respectful of your opponents.

AMENDMENT 1: Do nothing that violates the spirit of competitive football... I know that sounds vague, but its really common sense. Here's an example...if you know of a "player re-positioning nano-blitz that works" ... don't use it. Try to beat your opponent with football strategy... not with exploits. We're all old enough to know the difference.

Except Bangpow...

Thank you,

The Commish

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